Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Leopard Bags

I love this trend. I'm not a huge fan of patten hence why all of bags are solid-colored. But I really want a leopard bag particularly like this one or a funky Betsey Johnshon one.

60S coats

I find this trend extremely romantic and classy. Think playful spring colors: pinks,yellows and light blues!

Military vests & jackets

Sure,you're too delicate for the army but a military vest is the next best FASHIONABLE thing.

Color blocking

You may or may not know but I'm not a huge fan of a lot of colors. Sure ,I have my Katy Perry days but 8/10 times-I'm in cool or pastel colors. But I'll give this look a try this summer :) I'll try anything once...

Platform heels


Trench dresses

Love this! This is a statement piece. Don't overkill with leggings or jewelry!!!

Preppy Prep

Let's all pretend we're rich,beautiful and have lots of drama. Some of you may already be these things... Bring out the blazers,riding boots and pastel cardigans!

Big Bangles &

Lucite jewelry

Citrus colors

Instead of looking like an orange (*cough* Snooki) wear orange instead. What a fun way to bring the summer in...

Blue nail polish

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE. I'm rocking this color right now