Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm feeling super lucky and blessed!

On October 14th 2009,I went to a press showcase day for Echo Design's fall collection. I got an invite yesterday from the lovelies at Tracy Paul to attend a Inge Christopher-Whiting&Davis handbags press showcase event.I can't wait to tell you all about it. It's this Thursday 11/05/09:)
p.s-These have all been day far!

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's about that time for...HALLOWEEN.

I'm not a big fan of Halloween. Christmas is where it's at! But any who,Halloween has its moments. Playing dress up is always fun,the costume parties and free candy is pretty fun too. I know there's still a couple of you out there that still don't have a costume. Here are some great ideas,I hope I inspired you guys. Comment!
To dress up like weirdo and music genius(?) Lady Gaga.

You'll need a:

-Blond wig/weave. Make a crazy hairstyle like her infamous bow
-A leotard
-Sky high heels
-A cane (paparazzi video)
-Black or yellow thunderbolt sticker

To dress up like Chanel head designer Karl Lagerfeld

You'll need a:
-A gray taupe,gray wig-make a ponytail
-Square shaped glasses
-Lots of bronzer,make yourself orange/brown
-A three piece suit and tie
-Leather gloves
-Black loafers

To dress up like Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour

You'll need a:
-Blond bob wig w/bangs
-A fur coat
-Round black sunglasses
-An everlasting smirk
-A dress
-Manolo Blahnik pumps ;)

A very popular one this year is going to be the Legendary Michael Jackson. Think Thriller era...
This picture makes me LOL
You'll need a:
-Red leather jacket
-S curl wig
-White bedazzled gloves
-Black aviators
-Skinny jeans (red or black)
-Black tap shoes w/ white socks
Don't forget to do the thriller moves and get a little R.I.P button to put on your costume!!!

If you're a Project Runway junkie like me-you probably saw the episode where Nicholas Putvinski won a challenge for his Ice queen costume.

You'll need a:
-A white gown
-Temporary Gray spray on color
-Platinum sandals or heels
**This is more for my aspiring designers and D.I.Y people**

p.s-Polyvore was acting silly today,I would've posted some sets. Sorry1

Happy Halloween:)!

Buy me this!

The Jimmy Choo Ramona Pyramid Gold Studded Bag
I love this bag. I wear a lot of dark colors...I'm slowly playing around with bright colors and neons,lol. But this purse will so good with my color palettes. It's an edgy casual day to day bag that for the MOST part would look good with anything. The thing is it's $3,125. Is it worth it?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I've been HUNTING for an amazing editorial that everyone is not reporting on right now. And here it is:


Courtesy of
Photography by Steven Meisel

Friday, October 16, 2009

House of Harlow & Echo Design

(Lovely mommy of two,author,style icon and now jewelry designer Nicole Richie w/ rocker beau Joel Madden and daughter Harlow)

I feel like Ms.Richie's jewelry line has been under the radar and I really truly do love it. My personal style is a mix of Bohemian,preppy upper east-sider and a 80's glam rocker. I love the color black...maybe a little too much but I love long&flowy dresses,cowboy boots and earthy jewelry. Therefore, the House of Harlow 1960 line makes the hippie in me very happy.

Gold Multi-Strand Necklace;$195.00

Red Silver Triangle Necklace;$125.00

Tiger Eye Ring;$48.00

Palladium Antique Large Bangle;$35

Black Gladiator Cuff;$55.00
House of Harlow Jewelry is available at Kitson boutiques.
On Oct.14,2009 I went to my very first press day event-for Echo Design. The Echo Design company specializes in accessories such as scarves(!),umbrellas,gloves etc. Well they're starting something new,they've designed bed sheets/spread,many things for the home and beach wear.Also,they're making their products available to the public.Echo Creations are available at Macy's,Bloomingdales and other high end retailers.
I loved the vibrant colors and prints on all of the fall/winter gear they had. The gals at Echo are extremely nice and trendy(Thank you again and take care,Jennifer!). I was so not at there level lol. As a lovely thank you for coming gift,I got teal Echo Touch gloves and a ruffle plaid umbrella.

Their Echo Touch gloves are compatible with iPhone,ipods and other mobile devices.You won't have to take off your gloves to change a song or take a call ever again!
The ruffle plaid umbrella is tiny enough to fit into my purse and sturdy enough to handle all this rain NY has been getting:( I can't wait for Echo's sample sale in December,I will definitely be there!
Check out(

Monday, October 12, 2009

Best Of Paris Fashion Week (3): Final Installment

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Alexander McQueen

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Miu Miu

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Christian Dior



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Friday, October 9, 2009

Trend Report

BLJ(Black Leather Jacket)
Every fall it happens,its inevitable. It's edgy,chic and looks effortless..if you get the right one. H&M(yes i said it) has a nice selection of them. Then again it depends on the store.

Loose fitting knit beret
Extremely popular yet really hard to find. For my fellow NY'ers: go to the city street vendors or soho and they're everywhere for really cheap.Everyone else get the googling/online shopping!

The Boyfriend Blazer
I love this,it looks good on everyone. It instantly adds the fashionable but not overdone touch to any outfit. I really need a blazer. I have a green one but it's not the same!

Leopard Print Ballet Flats
I love leopard print in SMALL QUANTITIES.This pair is by Steve by Steve Madden"Skold" Leopard Print Pointy flats;ranges from $40-110.
Aren't they fabulous? I had a pair of leopard print for a couple of years that i had to get rid of recently. They were getting real worn and wide at the sides,UGH. That's a sign of cheap ballet flats.I still have a gorgeous pair of black Steve Madden flats that I bought YEARS AGO. Buying Steve Madden shoes are an investment!!!

Boyfriend Jeans
Eh,I'm not a fan of this trend. It's frumpy and makes your ass look wide and flat:cringe:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Too cute!!!

I love headbands! I've been wearing them before Gossip Girl premiered and everyone was like "Why are you always wearing a headband" "OMG you have so many". These are the same people that started wearing them after Blair Waldorf made them her signature. Sigh. Anyway,my aunt gave me a bunch of adorable hair accessories. You must get these:

Scuni Sweet sticks are non edible fake lollipop sticks to place in your bun/ponytail just for fun.They're like chopsticks. I had two sweet sticks in red and yellow. They retail for $3.99.

Scuni U-go! mini clips,$2.99

This is a gorgeous barrette from Bellissima.It's better than your plain ole scrunchie! Retails for $8.00

Leopard is huge this fall. Wearing leopard in SMALL AMOUNTS is also cute and trendy so why not try a headband?! I have an Amci head band it was about $10 bucks.

A pleated tie-dye headband from Echo Design,$21.
Gorgeous shade of silver...
Silver headband w/jewels;$21 from Echo Design

Lace Headband from Echo Design;$13.
I can really see this headband on my vintage loving girls and film noir fanatics.

****I'm doing something very special w/Echo Design next week. Sooo stay tuned****