Friday, October 23, 2009

It's about that time for...HALLOWEEN.

I'm not a big fan of Halloween. Christmas is where it's at! But any who,Halloween has its moments. Playing dress up is always fun,the costume parties and free candy is pretty fun too. I know there's still a couple of you out there that still don't have a costume. Here are some great ideas,I hope I inspired you guys. Comment!
To dress up like weirdo and music genius(?) Lady Gaga.

You'll need a:

-Blond wig/weave. Make a crazy hairstyle like her infamous bow
-A leotard
-Sky high heels
-A cane (paparazzi video)
-Black or yellow thunderbolt sticker

To dress up like Chanel head designer Karl Lagerfeld

You'll need a:
-A gray taupe,gray wig-make a ponytail
-Square shaped glasses
-Lots of bronzer,make yourself orange/brown
-A three piece suit and tie
-Leather gloves
-Black loafers

To dress up like Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour

You'll need a:
-Blond bob wig w/bangs
-A fur coat
-Round black sunglasses
-An everlasting smirk
-A dress
-Manolo Blahnik pumps ;)

A very popular one this year is going to be the Legendary Michael Jackson. Think Thriller era...
This picture makes me LOL
You'll need a:
-Red leather jacket
-S curl wig
-White bedazzled gloves
-Black aviators
-Skinny jeans (red or black)
-Black tap shoes w/ white socks
Don't forget to do the thriller moves and get a little R.I.P button to put on your costume!!!

If you're a Project Runway junkie like me-you probably saw the episode where Nicholas Putvinski won a challenge for his Ice queen costume.

You'll need a:
-A white gown
-Temporary Gray spray on color
-Platinum sandals or heels
**This is more for my aspiring designers and D.I.Y people**

p.s-Polyvore was acting silly today,I would've posted some sets. Sorry1

Happy Halloween:)!

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