Monday, October 5, 2009

Too cute!!!

I love headbands! I've been wearing them before Gossip Girl premiered and everyone was like "Why are you always wearing a headband" "OMG you have so many". These are the same people that started wearing them after Blair Waldorf made them her signature. Sigh. Anyway,my aunt gave me a bunch of adorable hair accessories. You must get these:

Scuni Sweet sticks are non edible fake lollipop sticks to place in your bun/ponytail just for fun.They're like chopsticks. I had two sweet sticks in red and yellow. They retail for $3.99.

Scuni U-go! mini clips,$2.99

This is a gorgeous barrette from Bellissima.It's better than your plain ole scrunchie! Retails for $8.00

Leopard is huge this fall. Wearing leopard in SMALL AMOUNTS is also cute and trendy so why not try a headband?! I have an Amci head band it was about $10 bucks.

A pleated tie-dye headband from Echo Design,$21.
Gorgeous shade of silver...
Silver headband w/jewels;$21 from Echo Design

Lace Headband from Echo Design;$13.
I can really see this headband on my vintage loving girls and film noir fanatics.

****I'm doing something very special w/Echo Design next week. Sooo stay tuned****

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