Monday, May 19, 2008

Trend Report: Gladiators!

Which one do you like?

OK,I know you've heard all the buzz surrounding gladiators this spring-summer but this is a trend that I LOVE.It's time to let your toes breathe,get out of those flats and tacky flip flops.There's a new summer shoe in town.About every clothing store has gladiators in stock it all depends on your preference and style.

Peep these cute glads from F21:
& there are just $19.50

I love these glads too from UO:
How cute are those? but they're going to cost you a pretty penny...$175 to be exact.

happy hunting ! x


B L O G H E R said...

aww thanks for the link! I LOVE your music taste!

Sharifa said...

thank you!

Belle said...

Great blog! I really want a pair of Gladiators, I saw a pair at Aldo I really like, but I might just end up getting them at F21.
Would you like to trade links?

darathedandy said...
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darathedandy said...

Seriously, I've been secretly craving some gladiator sandals, but that would require me getting a pedicure. I haven't the cutest feet. One more question, the music on your page sets the mood perfectly.

Love to trade links?

Kristy said...

Great blog! I love the Forever21 pair. Would love to link!