Sunday, March 14, 2010

I just have to...

Give a shout out to Lady Gaga. She is an amazing little genius.I am officially a fan! Props to Beyonce too! The video for "Telephone" is well...weirdly intriguing and phenomenal.Quentin Tarantino should be proud.

Crazy.Whimsical.Raw couture.Art. Genius!!!



rachel said...

I'm ADDICTED to this video
it's genius
and so funny
and gaga is amazing
and beyonce is fierce
basically, it's amazing

Eden said...

totally enjoyed the campiness and the fashion of this video! loved the styling to bits:)


ps followed you!:)

Christina said...

The video is amazing! Only Lady Gaga can do something like this and that's why I love her!

Sharifa said...

Thanks Eden xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ah, you did it first, saying how GENIUS the video is! I was just thinking this last night and I was planning on a blog post but.. yours is enough:) Thank you for great blog and great opinion:) I follow you!

C said...

I love the song!!! Haha! I love the cigarette 'shades'!