Sunday, June 20, 2010

What's on your summer wishlist?

That's a pretty big question but I've narrowed it down to the must haves...
**Not in any specific order*

-The "Perfect" Fedora
Not the kind your grandpa wore but the ultra trendy ones you see in the fashion magazines.A straw hat fedora is more appropriate and weather friendly for the hot days of summer.

Now where do you find these hats has always been some type of enigma. Forever 21 and H&M will probably have a couple but check the small boutique that caters to the hipsters in your city.Also online shopping is probably the best bet. Check

-The "Perfect" Summer dress
I hope you know that coral is the "It color" this summer. If you heard it was anything else--THEY LIED.

Forever 21 Satin Shirt Dress;$27.80
Now I think i may have this category covered already. I got a dress (totally different from the above pic). It coral dress with a bustier type and a criss-cross back with a gold zipper. I have no idea when to wear it. My 19th birthday maybe? Omg,I'm going to be 19 in September...*quickly changes topic*

-The "Perfect" Cocktail Shorts
To me,this is one of those trends that always come back once summer arrives.Dress it up or dress it down!I would love black ones...I need to brighten up,eh?

-The "Perfect" Handbag
Leather will stick to my arms.Suede is just...weird.That still leaves plenty of options. And of course it'll all depends where you're going-work,school,beach etc.

Is this a good summer bag? Bag;$39.90

-The "Perfect" Tank Top
I'm not taking about those lame spaghetti strap things. Tops like this:;$22.00

-The "Perfect" Sandal
I don't think it's possible but have fun trying.

-The "Perfect" Romper
Denim,Satin(Why would you do that?)...pick your flavor.

If you're blessed with divine legs show them off! A little shimmer and leg makeup = perfect legs

-The "Perfect" Skinny Cargo Pants

And of course -The "Perfect" pair of sunglasses.Whether you're into designers names or not there's a formula for the perfect sunglasses based on your face shape. Good thing to Google.


Sabina said...

Lovely lisT!
I really enjoy your blog, how sweet :))
I think you will like mine too, I'd be glad if you checked it out :))

Can't wait to hear from you hon!

Joanna June said...

please please contact me! You have a picture of patriotic shoes from 2008. I really want some just like that for my wedding! Please help me get them!


Mary said...
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