Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Apothica Review

I can't believe I never did this. My poor lil 19 year old brain. In Early December,I received my lovely Apothica makeup via USPS.

(Not the best photos but these are the actual products.Cute,huh?)

I ordered the following:
JAPONESQUE Brush Set Touch Up Tube - Blue *****
Jane Iredale PureLash Conditioner *****
Borghese Linea Precisa Liquid Eyeliner No. 01 Black **
Pur Minerals Under Control

Japonesque Brush Set is a travel tube that comes with five well crafted brushes. I was in desperate need of great brushes. My old brushes which I got from CVS were falling apart..literally. The bristles were falling out,just a mess. But these brushes have a smooth easy to hold handle and strong bristles.It includes two eyeshadow brushes,a powder/blush brush,concealer brush and a lip brush.Of course,the beautiful blue color is so MAGNETIC. Had to get it...

Jane Iredale PureLash Conditioner is a formula to strengthen,lengthen and add volume to eyelashes. The white and gold tube is very pretty,cute packaging. The formula is absolutely scentless.I have very sensitive eyes and this product DOES NOT irritate my eyelashes or eyes whatsoever. I've seen a difference in just the four weeks that I've been using it. My eyelashes are definitely fuller.You can wear the conditioner by itself or apply before mascara. It goes on white but blends into your eyelashes in seconds.

Borghese Liquid Eyeliner is a beautiful liquid liner from Italy.The packaging was very nice but it does not have any staying power. I've never seen a liquid liner disappear off my eyelid faster than Borghese. Maybe I just have oily eyelids? 0.o I got black,it's a shame because it goes on very smoothly. The tip is specialized to create a straight& smooth line.Maybe I should use eye primer than use this? I will report back!

Pur Minerals Under Control is a primer for oily skin. My secret is out! I have the oiliest T-zone of all time. The T-zone is the forehead,nose and chin. Pur Minerals DEFINITELY reduces the amount of oil especially on my worst part-my nose. You have to use a dime-quarter size amount for maximum protection. It's scentless and I'll definitely buy it again! Pur Mineral is a non sticky cream that allows your skin to breathe.It feels like you've put nothing on. Most primers feel like sticky film ;( Best primer out there!

I also got two free samples: a herbal bath gel and an acne cleanser.
In summary,I LOVE APOTHICA:)

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