Friday, January 15, 2010

Rodarte for Target

I know I'm late. Silencio.
This collection was a disappointment.There's nothing special in this collection.It's either a travesty or boring. There were a few things I liked,smh.There's nothing like the real thing... Check out the collection:

I like the leopard print dress. You know how I feel about lace tights and mixed prints. Nuff said.

The Gothic version of the Like a Virgin ensemble? Or a failed Blair Waldorf-Jenny Humphrey contraption? Either way,I don't like it.The belt and gloves are fab though.

...This shade of yellow is blinding and hideous.

Can't be shy in this. Sequin & Leopard print= alot of stares. Their bow belts are so cute.

Hot Mess. She looks like a rebellious bridesmaid.

I would dig it if it wasn't for the random and unnecessary wrist&neck brows.


The cardigan and dress compliment each other nicely:)


As a brand that's know for the edgy,daring and chic looks...I was disappointed. Oh well!It's an afforadble collection of course. It ranges from $ 12- $50.

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Brandi said...

I want that first dress. I saw it and I couldn't buy it, I have to go back. I was shocked they had it, my target doesn't usually have those "limited edition" collections. I was disappointed as well, but I couldn't expect much for $50 and under.