Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trend Report

The Peek a boo flower hat

This hat that was initially adored by infants and toddlers has moved up to the big kids. I think it's cute. It depends on the color and the size of the flower.

Colored Tights

[gossip girl set]
I'm not a big color person but I've been flirting with color this winter. I bought cobalt blue and purple tights. I love them!!! They're super thick(perfect for the weather)soft,warm and cute.

Big watches for women

[haurex Italy fly dual time watch]
I own a couple of watches even though I don't wear them often. A small one,medium one and a big one I got for Christmas. I think it's a gorgeous statement piece to have. It's different,bold and quite fabulous.


[rebecca minkoff stud devote tote]

Gray sweaterdresses

I have way too many. Gray is a big color for me this Winter.

A hint of sparkle & sequins

I bought a sequin beret VERY SIMILAR to the one in the photo and it's so cute. I love when the sunlight catches it an it sparkles.I got a metallic glitter scarf for my birthday. I have no idea what to wear it with. Any ideas?

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I.N.I. said...

i love berets so much. this is Ifath btw.. follow my blog!