Thursday, February 18, 2010

OverBra Shapewear

I went to a press day event for OverBra Shapewear yesterday. In case you didn't know-OverBra Shapewear is THE revolutionary shaper that slims your back and midriff while accentuating your cleavage. There's five different OverBra designs. There's the Original OverBra,Midriff, Longline,The Slip and Body Shaper.

Original OverBra

Midriff OverBra

Longline OverBra

Slip OverBra

Bodyshaper OverBra

I think it's a really interesting and unique design.The fabric is really soft,lightweight and breathable. It doesn't bunch up underneath clothing and it's very affordable. I got The Slip OverBra. I wish I got the Longline OverBra but I still adore it. Can't wait to wear it. Thank you everyone at OverBra:D

Check out for more information and where to purchase it.

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Elizabeth said...

You are going to LOVE your OverBra. They are so comfortable. The first day I wore mine I had it on for 9 hours!
eThoughtfulThings is where I got mine...I got the Long Line body shaper because I heard it was the best for boosting cleavage and that's what I was looking for. They had free shipping when I got mine.