Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quick Review: Project Runway

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My darling husband Anthony was kicked off last week but it's all good. The top three are Emilio,Mila and Seth Aaron. I think Jay should have been chosen to show at Bryant Park and not Mila. She doesn't only look tired but she is tired. Her designs are lack luster and one note. Poof away with you woman! I really don't get what is Emilio's aesthetic and I don't think he knows either. I'm on TEAM SETH AARON all the way. 1,He's the only likable one left. 2)His designs are...epic. He hasn't created one thing that I didn't want to wear. He is so innovative. SA's aesthetic is edgy,futuristic,hardware,rock n roll and modern. All hail,Modern Attire. 3)Has a straight guy ever won? Like seriously..someone tell me. I want his adorable family to be super duper proud.He's been wanting this for a long time...He deserves it!

The Project Runway season finale is on Thurdays @ 10 on Lifetime. If you don't live in the East Coast of the U.S check your local listings:)

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