Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Street Style is back!

New York

The baby pink blouse with a Utilitarian cargo pant gives a outfit a feminine yet tough look.

New York

The mix of textures and prints is a tricky thing. But the leopard cardigan compliments the tee and skirt instead of overwhelming it.


All black =classic not scary. The sheer and flats give it a more casual aesthetic.


How to wear a Camo jacket 101


I love this....I don't know where to start. The two toned hair,the sunglasses,the Cindy Crawford mole. I'm in love:-)


Shawls are a great to throw over and go in the fall and early winter time. As you can see,MEN can pull this off flawlessly.


Louboutins and a cape-Modern day Wonderwoman?


Acrylic sweaters are usually a no but this is an exception. Paired with leggings and peekaboo flats it creates a fun and comfy outfit.

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1 comment:

Eden Zohara Oved said...

I loveeeee these outfits but the man with the shawl should not be carrying a tote, thats insane. Im not so into boots with wedges either, not my thing... not sure it will last really.. I do LOVE the first look, notice those boots, those are hot! The blazer is a def. closet must have! It makes the outfit.

P.S. I actually really love the look of the week lol its strange yeah, but it's pretty!