Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Beauty Tips :D

For the harsh winter months it's important to protect our skin more than ever! That's why a good moisturizer is essential. I'll recommend one from Clinique

Prices range to $12.50-$50
A good moisturizer is the ultimate base for makeup. It should go in the order of Clean face,Moisturizer,Wait,Primer,Wait then Foundation.Clinique is a wee bit expensive but it truly works!Enriched with Vitamin E to quench thirsty skin;There's lotion and gel for all skin types oily,combination and dry with SPF.

Ever wonder how some women seem to have the glow during this season? It's either: they're in love,pregnant,both or they use highlighters and bronzers!

They're highlighter powder and creams but you can also use gold eyeshadow without sublte to no shimmer to "highlight" your features. Your features can be your cheekbones,brow bone etc. Using a powder/blush brush brush up towards the hairline.

Bronzer like this one from NARS gives a natural glow that's ideal for all skin types

$32;It has a subtle shimmer

Now! What about your beautiful lips? It's crucial to keep them moisturized and looking kissable.Have you noticed the abundance of lip treatment ads lately? I honestly can't recommend you a lip plumper. I'm very blessed in that area but my favorite lip gloss beside the Classic Cherry chapstick is Dylan Candys Bar Lip Saver

They're available in an array of delicious flavors. Small and super cute!

"Winter Wonderland Look"
I came up with this last year on a complete whim. Every time I wear it I get tons of compliments.
What you'll need:
-White Eyeshadow -Eyeliner brush
-Blush -Powder brush
-Primer -Concealer brush
-Pink lipstick or gloss

1) Every artist must work with a clean canvas....After washing your face,apply moisturizer. Wait five minutes before applying an oil free face primer.A face primer sets your makeup for a matte finish.

2) This step is optional.If you regularly use foundation,apply after primer.Wait five minutes for makeup to set and apply concealer with your fingertips or brush to conceal dark spots,dark circles and acne.

3)Now the magic begins. Using an EYELINER brush dip into white eyeshadow and line the upper and lower eyelids.Don't try to make a straight line right away!!! Pace yourself,try making small dots and connect them. Fact:White eyeshadow opens your eyes and appears to make them bigger. Note we're going for a thin line. Be careful not to get the powder in your eyes!

4)Apply mascara,I recommend 4-5 coats. Wipe away excess dust of your face and prepare to apply blush.

5)The correct way to apply blush to SMILE and apply the powder to the "apple of your cheeks" towards your hairline.

6)If you're using lipstick. Line the lips with a pink liner.Moisturize lips with a clear gloss and add lipstick with a lip brush (preferred) than using it straight out the tube. Its better for a softer look.Rub your lips together,fix the edges and pucker UP!

&There you have it :D
**I love rocking bouncy curls with this. The white eyeshadow symbolizes snow,get it?


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