Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My back-to-school list...

Ah,I'm happy to be back with my fellow fashionable bloggers:)My mini vacation was pretty nice,I slept ALOT and got a mani-pedi(hot pink ;]).Plus I went to the Bronx Zoo yesterday with my dad.Yayyyy,it was pretty fun and surreal.Those animals are beautiful and such hams for the cameras.LOL

During my 6 days off I came up with a list of my fall must haves.My list in not in any specific order.

-navy blue trench coat
-leopard print scarf
-red beret
-scarf,hat&glove set
-tribal print scarf
-graphic tee(s)
-brown ankle boots
-black&white converses
-solid colored hoodies
-long sleeved dresses i.e
-large white v-neck
-black,white turtlenecks
-funky sweaters:](80's theme,maybe?)
-black blazer
-studded belt
-black bolero
-bow blouse like YSL's Gauche Ivory Silk Blouse with Polka dot Pattern and Necktie
-collared blouse(cranberry)
-button down shirts!!!
-lumberjack plaid shirt :)
-red&white striped shirt
-red flats
-a look alike bag to balenciaga's motorcycle bag
-pearl earrings
-opaque stone ring
-anchor necklace
-unique headbands!!!
& that's my list.Hopefully I could get everything :] Ha ha but I'll post pics of my buys whenever I go back to school shopping!
Do we have any piece in common?What does your list consist of?

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Sammie said...

you're back! you went to the bronx zoo? i haven't been there in years.

that's a pretty huge back to school list, wow! we have a couple of things in common though like the red flats, pearl earrings, and headbands, hoodies.