Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have a fetish...

I absolutely love boots especially leather boots.During the fall and winter, I live in my Jessica Simpson boots.My boots end mid-calf;they're leather and a light caramel color. The girl can do no wrong in my eyes. I love her!!! She's gorgeous,talented,a sweetheart and makes fabulous shoes. My boots are from fall/winter 08 so there aren't on anymore.I recommend you check out her collection for trendy and sturdy boots.
It's only August but I couldn't resist googling boots for the upcoming season.

I know the "bootie" lovers are frapping now. These boots are from the Jessica Simpson collection. It costs $149, They're available in black,mahogany and saddle brown. I love the bow-tie detailing at the side. It's not too much but it's eye catching. And if you can walk in these heels,Bless you:)

Caramel toned leather boots are the absolute best.They give off that little country feel without the cornyness of cowboy boots. **Cowboy boots=over,done,over processed** I love wearing my caramel boots with my dark blue rinse skinny jeans. You can't go wrong with skinny jeans and boots.They are flawless together... These are from Aldo's,check out They are the "Arnis" boot and it'll cost you $160. I'm not a huge fan of Aldo's but occasionally they have really cute shoes. These boots also come in black and maogghany.

These are a little riding boot-esque. They're from Naturalizer,check out Naturalizer is definitely underrated,they carry strong and trendy shoes.It's $129 and it only comes in this color-black suede.

Here are a couple of quirky boots from Urban Outfitters:

Kimchi Blue Foldover Bootie $88

Seychelles Vamp Bootie $128

Minnetonka Fringe Boot $78

Dr.Martens Floral 1460 $128

Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Bootie $99


Kinsey said...

I love boots, but it rarely get cold enough to wear where I live, I absolutely I adore the doc martins and the cream lace up boots.
nice blog!

Sharifa said...

I love the cream lace up boots too...I need those asap! &&thanks for the comment:)

donna AND navaz said...

Mmm, I love the Urban Outfitters boots. And what about the new thigh-highs that everyone's doing for AW09? Will you be rocking those? Somehow I can't see them working for me :(


StuddedBows said...

i need those knee high moccasins