Sunday, November 1, 2009

First of all,you need to know what length of coat you want,the style of the coat,comfort and of course the price. I went to the Burlington Coat factory two weeks ago and I got this adorable coat from Jones New York.

$79 and I got it in Charcoal gray. It's unbelievably warm and CHIC.See? You don't have to sacrifice style for warmth in fall/winter? Of course when it gets to 45 degrees and below. I have two bulky (northface and southpole) jackets!

I tend to go for black for all my essentials i.e my purses,coats,wallets. I'm weird like that. So getting a grey winter coat was a huge step. Alo the cut was a huge step. It' a lot shorter than I would typically go for but I fell in love with it when I see it. The belt is like POW,you can't miss it but it's really tasteful and elegant. And of coure the buttons are so exquisite and it's so luxurious looking. Yum

If you want a shorter jacket like mine with a little more color,check out this

Short Length Military Pea coats in red,plum and black by Sean John(who would've thought)
If you want a longer jacket but not bulky,check out this

Faux Suede Coat with Toggle front by Larry Levine $69. I Love this. I wish I had seen this coat in the store. How fabulous is this,GAH. Chic.Chic.Chic

If you're looking for a trendy cheap trench coat,Lookie here

I know what you're thinking-it looks light. It's fully lined inside and it's cotton. The coat hits at the it's screams style,sophistication and a little daring.
M60-Miss Sixty Cotton Blend Trenchcoat $49

All of these coats can be found at your nearest Burlington Coat factory. It's the only place to get a coat. It has the biggest selection.Go!
And if you like to keep it simple,here:

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Kinsey said...

I tend to buy my essential in black as well, because black is just that chic and goes with practically everything!
I am in love with the coat you purchased in Charcoal gray! it is gorgeous! Its a great piece to have for fall and winter!!

The short length coats are great as well.