Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

I'm a little late with this but shush.I'm really excited for this. It seems like the trendy and business savvy thing for designer to do is merge with retailers marketed to middle class. For example,Rodarte for Target.Well here's a sneak peek

Check out more of the collection @
My faves
*Zebra print clutch
*Faux fur vest
*Black wrap dress
*Gray sheath dress
Basically everything...

Overall,The Jimmy Choo collection for H&M isn't THAT amazing,revolutionary or trend setting.It has a clubbing/night on the town theme.There's a lot of high slits,fringe,leather,studs,sequins and fur.It's pretty basic but it works. There's so many things I adore. But it does have really exquisite and eye-catching accessories such as the clutches and shoes. And of course,the pumps & stilettos galore. That's what Jimmy Choo is known for. Jimmy Choo for H&M premieres in all participating stores on Nov.14!

p.s-Sorry I can't put up pictures-long story!,I need to figure out this picture thing on Blogger.Ugh.


Dylana said...

I cannot wait to see the collection! Lovely blog!


Hi sweet heart how are you? I'm loving your posts, they're very good! I'm following you now with rss feed, follow me too if you enjoy my blog :)

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Sharifa said...

Thank you guys! I'll comment on your blog as well;)