Monday, February 14, 2011

Do you want makeup that looks good and is GOOD for your skin too?

Well...DuWop cosmetics was made with you in mind! I know that us gals have our own makeup dilemmas but mine is...RED LIPSTICK. I love red lipstick but I'm absolutely terrified of how it'll look on me. As a woman of color,I'm very concerned about drawing negative attention to my lips. Such effect will be called:CLOWN MOUTH,just tragic.

But DuWop is here to the rescue with their revolutionary lipstick "Private Red"!

Private Red is different from other lipsticks because it has "mood lipstick technology".Which always it to change color and complement YOUR skin tone.Thanks for solving my 3 year dilemma,DuWop:-) Not only that but Private Red contains nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E for conditioning and Henna for a non-fading pigment.It not only protects&conditions,smooth-ens but never fades! This isn't your mother's lipstick!

This is the lipstick of the new generation. It's a great buy that every trendsetter needs in her makeup bag. No more dry lips! No more weird smells! No more fading color! I'm a huge fan! I do not advocate anything I don't believe in so don't waste another dime on products that don't work.



Jenmarie said...

It's like a magic lipstick! I love it!

Sharifa said...

Ditto :-)