Thursday, July 24, 2008

Craving denim

Former O.C star&Current actress?.. Mischa Barton
The new issue of NYLON magazine is out and it's a special treat for denim lovers.If you have seven or more pairs of jeans,you're a denim lover.Of course,there's more to denim than jeans.There's the denim vest,jacket,skirt,shorts,cuffs and so much more.
The issue is jam packed with DIY articles,funky editorials and the latest set of hipsters on the indie rock circuit.
I got my issue in the mail on Monday,I must say it's a page turner.
The interview with Mischa is a must read!
Here's an excerpt:
On education: "I would want to go to college for the learning, but there's so much else that comes with that that I don't think I need anymore. I've been making my own money and living as an adult for far too long."

Available at your local newsstands.Free subscription via Urban Outfitters purchase.
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Michelle said...

I just got the best pair of denim jeans from HOUSE de LUX. They fir so wonderful and are definitely hot! The gold detailing make them one of a kind! Love love love them!!