Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fierce or Mediocre?

Project Runway's Season Four winner-Christian Siriano line is available on far these are the pieces in his online collection:

The black cotton 'Posh' puff sleeve blouse $590

The black cotton sateen 'Motocross' skinny pants $280

The gold silk 'Red Carpet' shift dress $325
OK,I'm not surprised that his clothes are expensive but are they worth it?I love Christian!He's fierce but this collection doesn't show the talent he had on Project Runway.
What do you think-Fierce OR Mediocre?

Hmmm... for giggles check out the hilarous SNL parody of Mr.FierceTranny himself:


keira antoia rose said...

yes I'm a tad disappointed. The first shirt to me doesn't look worth the money, the pants are ok, but I have to say I think the gold dress is pretty feirce !! The SNL skit was really funny when Tim Gun came in and checked out the tyrnny panties.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

yiqin; said...

I actually like the gold silk dress! But I mut say, I am pretty dissapointed by the collection too

Ro! said...

The gold dress is really nice. The trousers aren't that amzing and I personally think the shirtis awful! I expected a better collection tbh!

Sunniva said...

I expected more from him, though he has done an excellent job with the gold's beautiful! The trousers are mediocre and I would never wear that blouse.


Richie said...

I think that he should have done much better and it is WAY overpriced.

Funny skit though! :)