Monday, July 7, 2008

New York's Cory Kennedy

Do you recognize her? You should.Miss Warren is a fairly new face in the modeling world.She's been signed to a prestigious NYC based model management firm when she was 15 years old. Taylor has since shot with some of the fashion industry’s leading photographers in New York, Europe and Asia; appearing in catalogs, print advertisements, on web sites & the runway for clients such as;

(Nylon Cover w/Cory Kennedy;October 2007)
DKNY, SIWY Denim, L’Oreal, K-Mart & MicroSoft, as well as in International fashion magazines such as Seventeen, BPM, J-17, Metro.Pop, WWD (2 Covers!), British Glamour, British Vogue, Quadrafoil, Intersection, Pig Magazine (cover), Orange Slice, NYLON numorous times including an interview, a feature and the cover of the October 2007 "IT GIRL" issue of NYLON Magazine shot by Matt Irwin.

Isn't she cute? She was recently given the title of Alpha Kitty.Say Whaaat?
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Edie Abbot said...

I love taylor warren the pictures of her in the ubran catalog were rather epic
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Anonymous said...

love love love!!!


xoxo skel

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