Saturday, December 5, 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

Penn Badgley(Actor/Currently on the hit TV series Gossip Girl).swoon. But really I'll be good with him,a puppy and a Soho apartment. A girl can dream.
But anyway is it just me or is the warm fuzzy feeling about Christmas is gone. I think it's just become a hallmark holiday about some dude named Santa and presents. I think people forget the religious aspect of Christmas and the spirit of giving and the birth of Jesus Christ.
This is the first year I didn't make an actual psychical list and put it on my door. Getting old I guess...

I would love to have:

An Ipod Touch. I lost mine over the summer...depressing.

The TeenVogue Handbook
The reviews have been astounding. It looks like a fascinating read. I want,I want!

The Satorialist Book-Scott Schuman is a genius

Light gray boots
The ones in the pic aren't my ideal ones.I want one with a 2" inch heel and buckles.I'm on the hunt!

.Lots and Lots of Gift cards!
To places like Urban Outfitters,Zara,H&M,Forever 21 etc.The last time I went shopping was 3 months ago. I've fallen way off on my fashionable meter.

.The Entire Balmain Spring 2010 RTW collection

.By some miracle these SUPER FIERCE Alexander Wang boots

.Acoustic Guitar
.A memory card& cute case for my phone

Pretty basic list...What do you want for Christmas? Leave a comment,guys:)


donna AND navaz said...

ooh yes, I'm with you on the Teen Vogue handbook. Would also love the Paul Smith Rose fragrance and some Happy socks. And a new pair of Nudie jeans - the best jeans ever but so hard to find :(


Bi. said...

I love your wishlist.
I agree on the Teen Vogue handbook too but I'd rather ask for Chuck in stead of Dan! aw.. and Balmain RTW collection.. such a dream!
BTW, I got the Sartorialist for my bday.. ah-mazing!

Sharifa said...

Ah,you're so lucky. I love me some Chuck too but I go for the good boys haha


Hi darling, thanks for your words, je t'adooorrrre!

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