Sunday, December 20, 2009

What was ultra trendy in 2009? [part 1]

This is just my personal list of major trends I've noticed(and you probaby noticed) too popping up everywhere.

We started 2009 off with:
-Over the knee/Thigh High Boots

[Fabiana OTK boots]
Hit or miss? It's a tie. Personally I would never wear them.I shudder at the thought..but this one of those trends that look good with a Balmain(inspired)dress and a model.

Say it like Stella from Project Runway-LEAAHHTHA! Hahaha.
Hit or miss? Hit. Leather is one of those timeless trends.
I don't own anything leather but I've wanted a leather bomber jacket for about 3 years now. Sigh.

-The Feminine Touch

Hit or Miss? Hit x 12,000. That doesn't matter menswear inspired looks are out. They're just more feminine and fitted to a woman's body and girlish appliques are added.
Just about every designer showcased a look featuring one of these things:ruffles,brooches,bows and tailored waistcoats.

-Chunky knits
Hit or Miss? Hit,OK! It gets really cold. Chunky knits did not make you look chunky. It all depends how you where it. If you want to wear a chunky knit sweater dress,add a belt to cinch in the waist and give you an automatic hourglass shape.

-Ripped Thights and Stockings

Hit or Miss?Miss
Neo grunge was definitely in effect in 2009. Blame it on Jenny Humprey.I get the whole I'm- a- rockstar- and- I-don't- care- about- my- image look but this just looks...messy,unkempt and trying way too hard all in one.

-Military Fashions

Hit or Miss? HIT!
Michael Jackson's passing definitely lit the torch that was under this fashion. I have a military inspired pea coat that I've shown you guys(a couple of posts back) that I love.Not all of us are ballsy enough to go all out the full military/marching band jacket with the chains and embroidery but it's an innovative trend. Refreshing!

Stay tuned for Part 2...


Jasmine said...

I agree I've seen so many knee-high boots on celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Madonna sporting them. I lurve the military jackets too I got one from a charity shop a while ago.....
You may have just given me an idea for a new post,
Thankyou check it out when it's there I'm sure you'll like my gorgeous blog,

Jeff Smith said...

nice post love reading it
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