Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What was ultra trendy in 2009?[pt.2]

Ripped Jeans-Destroyed Denim

Hit or Miss? Hit.
I have 3 pair of ripped/torn jeans and I love them.Less is more.You don't have to wear a jeans with 500 slits and faux paint splatters. Big summer trend.

One shouldered dresses

Hit or Miss? Hit. I love this. A little twist on a cocktail dress.

Exotic Jewelry

Hit or Miss? Hit. My style has the little boho thing going on so i love this. I love costume/unconventional jewelry.

Wide belts

Hit or miss? Hit. It's good for defining and emphasizing a waist line especially with dresses.

Nautical stripes

Hit or miss?Hit!
You had to own something nautical this year. I have a cute little nautical tee from...Old Navy. Yes,Old Navy! I love the nautical look especially for spring. It makes you want to go sailing:)

Ankle booties

Givenchy Gladiator Ankle booties;$995
Hit or Miss? Hit. Really? Do you even have to ask me..

Leather bags

Ameeko Leather Studded Bag
Hit or Miss? HITTTT. I only rock leathha. I love leather bags especially for work and school.

Big colors this year:
-Burnt Sienna
-Light pink

Big patterns this year:
-Nautical stripes

Stay tuned for the third and final installment of Ultra Trendy '09...


heart charlie said...

Ooh Love this! Nautical stripes are always and forever my obsession ;) and I do love the ripped jeans!

Lluviaschick said...

love the one shoulder dresses and the striped tee

Jasmine said...

One shoulder dresses are so lovely and a lot of celebrities are wearing ripped jeans at the moment.
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Camilla said...

awesome blog! xxx