Friday, June 13, 2008

Accessories are key...

We all have those days when you just can't find any inspiration.Your outfit is dull and you feel dull.Maybe what you're really lacking is -accessories. A beaded headband and a long necklace can add something to a common graphic tee,skinnies&flats look.TIP:Don't over accessorize,it's not cute.Like Coco Chanel once said,always take off one thing before you leave the house.

My bargain (accessories) finds:

Retro Print Headbands.'Nuff said.

These unique statements studs are from Heritage 1981,the baby sister of Forever 21.It's just $4.50!!!

I love this! It is the territories pendant(32") necklace.I love the colors and the texture of the beads.This piece is so versatile.I can definitely see myself wearing this a white tee,denim cutoffs,bangles,glads and a large hobo bag.

Wow,I'm really doing the bohemninan thing lately.Anywho,this turquuse ring can only be found at Urban Outfitters for a debatble price of $18.Is it worth it?

Wow,this bracelet is gorgeous.It's the "Anissa Studded Bracelet" from Forever 21.This gorgeous,gorgeous bracelet is five antique metal filigree plates with faceted bead strung on elastic.
F21 loves us all so it's only...$7.80(final sale,btw).

Happy Accessorizing!

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