Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Celebrity Style Profile: Rachel Bilson

Name:Rachel Bilson

Date of Birth: August 25th,1981

Occupation:Actress currently filming(New York,I love you)&former star of"The O.C"

Marital Status:On&Off with actor Hayden Christensen.

Her style is...casual,hip,edgy,fresh,trendy and simple.

I admire her... cute style and matching personality.

I would love to borrow her...whole wardrobe!

If you like/love R.B's style you would love:Kirsten Dunst,Sienna Miller,and Nicole Richie's style.

Rachel Bilson won your votes on the Who's your style icon poll. Thanks for voting!



Sammie said...

i adore rachel bilson! what amazing style.

your blog is great, i'd really like to trade links.

Betsey said...

rachel bilson is so amazing! she always looks fabulous.

Always In Style said...

Rachel can PRACTICALLY do no wrong in the style department - now that movie with that Scrubs guy - that was wrong!

Love her!

farah savira said...

her style is simple and chic but she makes that looks good

Anonymous said...

HELLO, is anybaby know the brand of her pump showing on the first picture in left(the brown one with skinny black pants),
if anyone knows, please answer me, great desire to know, thanks.