Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Boys have style too.

At Milan Fashion Week Gucci scurried from late year's look of Boho King to a more sophisticated and elite gentleman(a la Chuck Bass?)

Frida Giannini cleansed the Gucci palette for spring/summer 2009 with a light, fresh collection filled with embroidered and striped suiting, open-weave knits and stand-out Hawaiian prints.

Imagine every shade of blue, creamy whites and hot pinks working harmoniously in an array of outfits.Your dream just come true with the Gucci Men Spring/Summer Collection.

Within a formal silhouette that stuck largely to a suit-shirt-skinny tie-super sized leather tote formula, it was colour and print that added the typically cheeky Gucci wink.
Whether it was a leather bomber jacket,white jeans or funky rebellions it provided just the right amount of rock n roll rebellion.



Belle said...

i LOVE gucci men's because Mathias Lauridsen looked fantastic at the shows. <3

Anonymous said...

Fabulous picks. Even more impressive is your playlist. I usually click "pause" on most blogs, but yours stunned me from the very first second. WOW! You have great taste in both style and music, I think!

keira antoia rose said...

I love the colorful pants reminds me of Mika. Ahhh it's refreshing to see those.

xoxo isabella clarisse xoxo

Jeff Smith said...

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